Broken lock hook for 80's sliding glass door.

by Cara Lee E
(Delray Beach, FL USA)

Handle with lock slider

Handle with lock slider

Broken hook for 80's sliding glass door. Door handle and lock work, however the bar part of the lock in the track of the door frame broke off. The mortise hook is open on thr top and moves up to grab the bar in the door track...since it broke off I need to replace the piece with the bar but do not know what it is called and where to purchase.

Hi Cara Lee;

There are 2 sizes of keeper made by Prime Line for the style of inset lock that you have. There are also a lot of different hooks used in those locks as well so its not possible to say which of the 2 keepers you need.

They are not very expensive, and they are available on Amazon. You could buy both and return the one that does not work

E2082 1/2" keeper

E2040 3/4" keeper

They are easy to install, most likely the holes from the old broken one are still there in the door frame.

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