Bottom glass stuck in bottom of retractable screen door.

by Susan T.
(Ottawa ,Ontario, Canada)

I live in Ottawa Canada, I absolutely love my screen/storm door.

The screen and the glass in the door have come separated. the glass is stuck in the bottom of the door. I have tried to get it unstuck but to no avail.

There were 4 screws that I took out thinking that would loosen the
bottom glass it appears to do nothing.

The screen at the top is fine I just connect the screen to the glass but it doesn't go up and down now, any suggestion to fix this issue?

Hi Susan

I moved this comment to the Storm door section because it seems to be more of a storm door repair question.

When the lower operating panel gets stuck its usually due to a couple of reasons.

Its possible one of the latch keys may have broken and and broken piece is stuck in the door frame. This happen a lot when the latch keys are plastic.

Sometimes when you jiggle the moving window or sash in its frame you can feel the area where it seems to be hung up. If its in the area of one of the latch keys at the bottom of the window, you will probably need to try to force them back out.

I use an awl and try to hook the latch key and the broken piece and try to drag it across out of the notch that it latches into in the door frame.

Another common problem is the tracks that guide the operating sash up and down. Near the top of the sliding window the track often changes from aluminum to plastic. The Window often gets hooked on the area of the track where the aluminum meets plastic.

You cant always see where its hooked but you might be able to feel it stuck in that area by jiggling the window. More jiggling, cursing and jiggling again often gets it to come loose.

You should not have to remove screws, the only one I can think of are the long thin screws that hold the window frame together. You should put those back in. If the frame comes apart in your hands while you are trying to lift if you might get cut from sharp glass edges underneath.

If you are still having trouble please post some pictures here showing the latch keys at the bottom of the window and the top corner of the moving glass.

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