Bent Screen Door

by Orlando

Bent screen door view on edge

Bent screen door view on edge

Bent screen door caused by the wind. It caught my screen door and blew it open it and hit right in the middle where the handle is and bent the frame how can I bend it back without messing it up

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Sep 26, 2022

by: Adrian

The bend in that screen door rail does not look too severe so you should be able to get it out. You just need a really solid and strong pivot point.

I had a trailer hitch ball on my van and it was perfect for fixing bent screen door rails. All i did was slip the rail between the ball and the bumper and slide the bent part directly behind the ball and pull gently on the free end of the screen door rail.

A trailer hitch is not the only thing you can use, its just that its fixed to a car and its immovable. You can often use metal fence posts if you have two of them spaced a couple of feet apart and you have enough room to slide the screen door rail between them

I would turn the rail 90 degrees and repeat the process if the rail was bent in 2 directions. This worked fine so long as the bend was not too severe.

If the aluminum is all crumpled then you have to just replace the rail but if the bend is just a few degree and the metal is pretty much smooth it can usually be fixed

Dont pull too hard because its easy to go too far in the opposite direction and wreck the screen door rail.

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