Australian Patio Door Handle Puzzle

by Ravin
(Australia )

How do I remove this Australian patio door handle ?

How do I remove this Australian patio door handle ?

The latch on my glass sliding door has come loose for the second time. Our house is some 16months old and the builder says it has run out of the warranty for them to come over and check and will charge me all the costs now. I would like to tighten the screws on the latch myself but cannot access these screws as they are covered by some sort of tiny covers. I have tried using fine screw drivers to dig these tiny covers out but been unsuccessful. Is there any technique to get these covers out and access the screws?
Please see pic attached.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ravin;

You are on the right track looking for snap on covers, that would be the first thing I would look for. The handle must be made by an Australian company, it does not look like anything made by major North American vendors. Thank you so much for providing the picture. If you could send me views of back, front and side as well I would be happy to look at them all closely to try to figure out how this one comes apart. It has to be very simple.

You might try pulling up or down on the handle, it my slide onto a track. There may also be a pin or a key of some sort that may need to be pulled out to allow snap covers to be removed. Once the handle is off, even if you cant find a direct replacement its only a surface mount style so that means other models should be easy to mount in its place.

The hole centers might not be exactly the same but a new handle would cover the old holes anyway even if new holes have to be drilled.

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