Antique storm door repair help needed

by Demi D

I have a storm door that is chipping at the not even sure what the material is on this door? Aluium or fiberglass?? My house was built in 1914 . So it's an old door.

But inside the cracks I the bottom of the storm door it almost looks like fiber board or wood. So I'm wondering is there any product I could use to patch it...something like plaster of Paris but obviously something that is used for exterior patching.

Thank you in advance for any advice

Hi Demi;

Its most likely this door is made of wood being from a house that is from around the turn of the century. I'm assuming this is the original door that was installed when the house was built.

It would be really great to have pictures to be sure but you can fill small chips and holes in wood doors with plastic wood then sand and repaint.

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