Anderson retractable storm/screen door stuck.

I have a brand new door as described above. I set it to the all glass position and now the screen won't come down. The release seems to be stuck. Thanks !!!

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Sep 16, 2019
Retractable screen
by: Anonymous

The first few times I tried to "unlock" my new Andersen S/S retractable screen, I too thought it was stuck. Took several attempts and found out you need to pinch the little handle while pushing up slightly and it will "unlock" and allow you to pull the screen down.

Now if I could just find out how to install a new screen in my new Andersen storm door as the screen seems to be cut too short and is not seated in the bar frame and doesn't reach far enough down to do so.

Sep 11, 2019

by: Adrian

Stuck windows are one of the most common problems with storm doors and it usually comes down to a broken latch pin.

The latch pins or latch keys are on either side of the moveable window sash and are spring loaded pins that hold the sash in place in a series of holes cut into the side frame

Plastic latch keys are soft and start to bend and sometimes they jam in the hole making it impossible to move the window up and down.

Takes a lot of jiggling the window pulling on the key with a variety of tools and cuss words to get them to come out.

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