Anderson luminaire retractable screen not retracting

Anderson luminaire retractable screen not retracting. I installed the screen about six months ago and suddenly it will not retract fully. I cleaned the tracks, I added three or four turns to tension it more, and I used silicone spray on the plastic part that slide in the tracks. Working better but still not good enough. I see that reviewing with a star rating has been turned off apparently. Anderson, get your act together! I spent $200 on this piece of crap and it does not work well.

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Sep 25, 2022

by: Adrian

There are a number of reasons a retractable screen might not retract.

One common problem is a retractable screen mounted on the outside near shrubs and trees. Dust and pieces of leaves and tiny twigs get rolled up into the cassette every time you open and close the door.

After a while so much dust gets in the cassette the door just wont operate anymore.

The other problem is the tracks. You have small top and bottom tracks held on by very small screws. It does not take much for the bottom track to work loose and come out of alignment.

For a retractable door to work the tracks have to be perfectly parallel and an equal distance apart all the way across the door width. They also have to be exactly 90 degrees to the cassette.

I would try reinstalling the bottom track and securing it with double or triple the amount of screws to keep it from working loose and coming out of alignment.

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