Andersen (EMCO) screen replacement

by Alan
(Merrick, NY 11566)

Spline area

Spline area

I removed the spline, which is seems to be a hard plastic, but so many sites talk about it being metal. It's about 1/4" wide and very thin. The area where the spline goes in is maybe 1/16" deep. Is there a replacement spline for this? I don't see how a .25" foam spline can go in because there is no depth. I'm guessing you've seen this before. Any help that you can offer is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Alan

Thanks for the great picture

Nowadays a lot of storm door screens are made of PVC or Vinyl because its a lot cheaper for the manufacturers than aluminum.

Your frame looks like it uses 0.250" T-Spline. The top of the T shape lays down flat in the groove and locks the screen cloth in. I have T spline for sale on my spline page.

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