Channel with 2 hinges

by Rennie G.
(Encino, CA USA)

channel w/ 2 hinges

Hi Adrian,
Attached is a photo of the item I was looking for, but it is the one that comes with a screen door.
Turns out the heavy duty replacement is manufactured by Active Window Products in L. A. and distributed through window and screen shops only. I was able to order it through a local window shop and it arrived in a couple of days. $23 each.

Need to find matching storm screen door hinge

by Jamie
(Charleston, SC, USA)


The attached hinge came on my screen door on my porch when the house was built (2005), but the spring mechanism doesn't work so I went to replace them with some stanley ones that I thought matched from Lowe's, but they don't. I have been to several stores, but I can't find one of the same size with the same hole pattern. If I use one a little smaller the new holes will be too close to the old and split into each other. The hinge is about 3"x3". Is there any chance you know what type of hinge this is or where I can get a match?

Thank you very much for your help

Looking for storm door hinges

by Peter
(Camarillo, CA, USA)

Storm door hinge K5142

I spent several hundred dollars nine years ago on a nice, 36 inch by 8 foot screen door for our house. Recently, the wind blew the door open with such force that one of the three hinges broke.

I would like to replace the hinge, but have been unable to find a replacement hinge that will work.

The hinge is identical to the top picture on your page . Even the dimensions are identical.

Do you know of a source where I could purchase such a hinge?

Peter Simon

Hi Peter;

The hinge shown in the top image of my screen-door-hinges page is CR Laurence #K5142.

Most glass shops who deal with CR Laurence should be able to get one for you.

CR Laurence are the largest supplier of window parts in the world and their headquarters is in Los Angeles.

Just about every glass shop deals with them so there must be at least one glass shop in Camarillo that could find it for you.

If you have no luck locally please let me know and I will have some hinges sent out to you.


Aluminum screen door spine with hinges

by Rennie G.
(Encino, CA USA)

This is the email I mentioned in my phone message from Monday at 10:15 am CA time. My name is Rennie and I have several apartment buildings with aluminum screen doors.

I had found replacement spines with hinges when the rivets would pop from the cheap spine. However, the hardware store where I used to buy them no longer carries them nor works with that product distributor.

Can you suggest a place online where I can get this part?
Rennie G.

Storm door makes popping noise

by J Suter
(Shady Point, OK)

Can't figure out how to repair a storm door that makes a popping sound each time it is opened. Have replaced the door closure, thinking that was the problem. No luck. What do I need to do?

Check at the four corners of the door, see if the corners are still held tightly together, one of them may have broken.

Another possibility is that the wood door frame may have settled and the storm door frame is slightly twisted. Loosen the screws all along the side with the hinges and see if it still makes the popping sound.

Tighten the screws again and use shims to make sure the frame is straight. If all this fails I would remove the storm door and reinstall.

Hope this helps

Storm door pops with change in temperature

by Craig C
(Rapid City, SD)

We have a new Pella storm door that makes a loud popping noise whenever there is a significant temperature change. How can we fix that?

Hi Craig;

My guess would be the aluminum kickplate in the bottom was installed with a too tight fit from the factory.

Unfortunately you have to take the whole door apart to get this out, and the kick plate is often glued in place to stop it rattling when the door opens and closes.

You could also try removing and re-installing the whole door. It might be possible that the house has settled and the door header is pressing down on the storm door frame. The frame might need to be trimmed 1/8" of an inch to allow room for expansion.

Hope this helps