3 Point Patio Door Locks

by Cami
(Claymont, Delaware)

Please try to help me.

Approximately 15 years ago, I had all new doors and windows installed. They're double glass (one stationary) doors. The door that opens has a three lock system.

A rod goes into a top hole, a rod goes into a bottom hole and the locking mechanism is on the left of the door and pretty much looks like what you show in pictures.

I called a locksmith who did nothing but take the center latch apart and spray WD 40 into it and charged me $65. It worked for one day. Because I back up to a county park, I'm very happy with the 3 lock system.

Is it at all possible to replace this or do I need a new door. The company that installed it did not keep records on the manufacturer and the locksmith said he'd never seen one like it.

Can you help? Thank you for any info you can give me. Cami

Hi Cami;

Happy to help in whatever way I can, but first, please post some pictures of the top and bottom of the door and the locking points. That would really help me identify the type of lock as well as give me some idea of how this one comes apart.

Most of the 3 point locks I have seen slide in through the opening at the top of the sliding patio door when the door is removed from the frame.

Some of them have a long steel plate with screws that go through the vertical door rail. First you remove the handle assembly, then take out all the screws holding the lock.

Before that we have to do everything we can to identify the lock.

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