Screen door for outswinging french doors

by Patrick P
(Miami,Fl, USA)

I am in the planning stage of install a removable patio screen frame for out-swinging French doors. Could you please advise on I should go about it.

Thank you.

Hi Patrick;

With an outswing door there is no place to install a slding screen. It could be done on the inside but that would probably look a little weird.

The only practical choice for outswing doors is the retractable screen. It is also installed on the inside but at least the screen dissapears into a cassette and so is mostly out of sight when the doors are closed.

If your french door has both sides opening outward you will have a couple of choices for retractable doors.

Have two retractable doors that pull out from the sides and meet in the middle. Or use a single retractable door that pulls all the way cross the whole opening and parks itself in the middle unless you want to open it all the way.

Retractable screens are much better used inside in this manner because ther is less chance leaves, twigs and general dust and dirt will get trapped inside the cassette every time the door opens and closes.

When a retractable door is on the outside, the buildup of dirt inside the cassette can stop the door from working. Then the cassette has to be dissassembled and all the detritus cleaned out for it work properly again.

Hope this helps you find a suitable solution to screening this door.

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