Right or left hand sliding screen doors?.

by Kristi
(Noblesville IN)

I have a pair of Reliabilt French doors installed. The primary door is, as I look at it from inside, the left one, swing-in. The right door is stationary. When I purchased the screen doors recommended for this set of French doors. After installing them. The active door is on the wrong side. If I reverse them. The lock would be on the outside. Can you help?

Hi Kristi

Usually screen door locks are installed more or less in the middle of the vertical rail so they are symmetrical.

You should be able to rotate the whole door to get the lock on the left or right as desired. The screen door lock night end up upside down and the hasp might need to be moved so the door can latch again.

If the lock ends up upside down, remove the lock and reinstall it the right way up. You might need to move the latch plate but they are generally made so that they can be assembled either left or right handed.

Since your lock is now on the outside, remove both screen doors and turn the one with the lock so it faces in. Then rotate the door end over end to get the lock in the right position.

Reinstall. Hopefully I have made myself clear !

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