How do I secure screen to prevent stinking kitten from pushing corner out

by Mark

Usually have one fat white kitten and one skinny white kitten sitting side by side on the patio.

Noticed the fat one huddled in the corner having an anxiety attack, and the skinny one sprinting along the 7th hole of the golf course behind my condo.

Shoeless and shirtless I dragged my twice fused lumbar spine after the little SOB, and after thirty minutes I finally grabbed the prancing whore by enticing him with a treat.

He had pushed out a corner of the screen. The spline has probably seen much better days, but wanted to know if after replacing it, if there is a way of reinforcing the spline to prevent this from happening again.

Then again, there is a no kill shelter two blocks down from here.

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Feb 19, 2017
Don't do it NEW
by: Anonymous

you have Beautiful cats!! If you let them out to roam intentionally, figure out a way to put a car door in. Will save you a lot of grief. Please be sure they're neutered. If you keep them indoors, as I do, put a matching colored board across the lower part of the screen, from frame edge to frame edge, so they can lay against the board without pushing out the screen. That way they can still look out over the board (maybe 3" high +/- )to survey their "territory" and not push out the screen. They are surely enjoying the sights, sounds and smells from the great outdoors.

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